• Why Do People Start Business?

    The main reason businesses are started is to solve people’s problems.

    The more problems of people that you can solve the more successful the business.

    Graham Payne

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  • What Problems Do Many Business Owners Complain About Most?
    • Having to work hard for little or no expansion
    • They feel like they are a slave to their business
    • Have trouble finding good employees
    • If they are not there working in their business production slows down
    • Not sure which way to go in this unstable economy
    • Good staff are hard to find
    • We specialize in helping clients solve these problems.
    Graham Payne

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Our Business Areas of Expertise

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"I was referred to Graham Payne a few months ago by a good friend of mine and signed up for his monthly management program. Last week I had the highest income I have had for years. This week we ended up with 13 new patients. This is also the highest I can remember for many years. More importantly I am sleeping better than I have for a long time. I'm not worried about my business as I used to be. Graham not only shows you how to increase you Total Collections and New Patients he gives you the basics of business so that you never forget them. I have been in practice for 30 years and have had various consultants but I never had this level of certainty about how simple business really is. Things are really shifting. Thanks again." D.S.


“We are now polar opposites after Graham’s program to where we were before.
We had: Low confidence, Staff working against me, No one wanting to create the future, Little to no staff training materials, Very few office policies in place, Unreal targets being set, Low office integrity,
No Policy for solving problems, Office Upsets, Little to no Communication from Office Manager regarding staff or other issues, Weak areas not being addressed and No Financial Planning in place.
Where we are now?
We have a great team, morale is high, stats are up and we are on a steady increase.
I feel we are 85% of where I would like the office to be but we are night and day from where we were before Graham’s program. What I like about working with Graham is the fact that he is always there for you. Whether it is just to bounce something off of him, advice, a policy or template, he is always willing to share and help. I would recommend Graham’s program to anyone who wants to Expand their business Rapidly. THANKS AGAIN!”—JS