Summit Business Management

Our clients include medical practitioners, import & export companies, attorneys, construction companies, graphic artists and more. We have proven programs that will enable you to improve your income, stabilize your business, expand your business, organize your business, improve your profits, and handle any situation that may come up in day-to-day business. We specialize in helping the executive or manager make life and business easier, more profitable and more enjoyable. Our proven techniques will take the stress out of your business life.


Genelle Catania

Genelle Catania

Genelle has been employed in the legal industry for over 25 years working with lawyers from Property Insurance Defense to Plaintiffs Personal Injury as well as criminal defense and real estate. For many of those years she played a major role in developing a small family owned firm to a widely sought after legal practice skilled at every position required to grow a legal practice including HR Management and Operations Management. Genelle has partnered with Graham marrying his skill for building successful business and her knowledge of the legal industry to assist attorneys in building their legal practice and removing them from the day-to-day administration of their business.

Graham Payne

Graham Payne

Graham Payne, a native of New Zealand, has been a business owner for since 1979, in Australia, Asia and the US. He has had considerable experience implementing successful business management programs into many of his businesses. This led him to the next career move of becoming a full time speaker and business coach.

His expertise has been in guiding business owners and CEOs on how to keep expansion going and never getting bored with the game. Graham uses real life examples from his own experiences such as how to start a business to begin with, how to establish a successful Human Resources, Sales and Marketing divisions, streamlining delivery in any type of industry which makes it very real to his audience. Not only is he known for his Power and Leadership seminars he also is well known for coaching many entrepreneurs in the art of building businesses that work for them and allow them to spend time on other endeavors.

“I’m not just text book trained on business management, I’ve lived it.” “I have learned all the weak areas and traps that any business owner or executive can get caught up in.

My philosophy about business is that it is just a numbers game. Once you know how a business, any business works, it is just a matter of collecting the key numbers and then scaling the business out to any size you like.

My passion and my greatest reward is doubling and quadrupling the size of a client’s business. My job is to educate a business owner to a point where there is no mystery about business for them and they know what they have to do to keep expansion going.

Our target public is anyone that is adventurous enough and has enough of an entrepreneurial spirit to do their time to build a successful business or a self-perpetuating empire that will survive the generations.”