There is a good formula that can put you into clover financially, providing you understand it and refuse to violate it. When you violate the natural laws of success on finances you may end up:

  • Constantly worrying about making ends meet or covering payroll
  • Borrowing to stay afloat
  • Borrowing to pay bills
  • Wondering why you are not getting a break in business
  • Not able to see a future with the business you are in
  • Accusing your staff of not working hard enough
  • Blaming the economy
  • etc.

We will change your viewpoint of financial management

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Pointing at contract

The point I am making is not to underestimate the effect that continued poor financial management can have on an individual or a business. Some people’s finances get out of hand to a point where they think it is hopeless to bother making any changes to their financial management and continue to remain in a cope mode.

Improving ones financial position could be just a matter of getting some knowledge and some understanding of the natural laws of financial management to improve their whole financial scene.

I think that everyone will agree that there has been quite some insanity on financial management by a lot of people in a lot of countries around the world. When you see countries filing for bankruptcy and huge national debts etc. you have to realize that what underlies that is financial mismanagement.

All one’s hard work in building a business can be wasted if the business owner and executives don’t understand the fundamental basics of financial management. Often, after wondering what else I can do to help a business expand, I will discover that the underlying cause of the lack of expansion was financial mismanagement. This can be anything from not declaring all income for accounting, to investing, hard worked-for money, into a new product or service that has become a liability to the business.

When proper financial planning and management is in place, a business generally prospers and expansion is much easier.  When natural catastrophes hit society, a prosperous business, with plenty of reserves, will hardly miss a beat and quickly find solutions. However, those that were barely viable often fall into bankruptcy.

Financial mismanagement has plagued the western world for about 400 years.  The east solved their financial problems in other ways. When the solution to a financial problem is to borrow more money a huge burden is placed on the person or business or country. This does not mean one should never borrow money but the point to note is that one is putting themselves at risk, to that degree, until the loan is paid off.

If you find yourself taking incredible actions in order to keep your business viable and bringing more money in, the problem may be due poor management of the income you are bringing in. If finances are handled any old way then you may be losing a lot of potential financial security as a result.

For a business to continue to expand you cannot just settle for viability you must put your attention on profitability. A good motto in business should be PURPOSE with PROFITABILITY. I have sometimes heard people say “Well I’m not in it for the money.” Or “We’ll make it go right on our finances somehow.” Or “As long as I have enough money to cover my bills I’m happy.” These are examples of people not trained in financial management. One does not make money for the sake of making money. It’s just that it is such a high level of survival to have plenty around and the way it is managed, will create this. The rule of thumb is, if you can average 30% profit over all your profit centers and build reserves and assets with it, you will be in clover.
There may not be a magic pill for overnight financial gain, however, with some knowledge of financial management you could be on your way to serious profitability in a very short time.

We can help you implement a standard financial planning program that is easy to follow and will change your viewpoint of financial management.


Graham Payne