Have you ever had the following difficulties?

  • Feeling like you are the only one who can do certain things well, in your business
  • Have to put up with inferior productivity from staff
  • Hang onto people that are really not capable of doing their job rather than have to train
  • someone new
  • Having difficulty delegating jobs to
  • Feel the quality of delivery has dropped
  • Feel like the responsibility of the business rests on your shoulders alone
  • Think that good people are hard to find
  • Have a problem when an employee decides to leave
  • Stats drop when you are not there
  • “If you want something done properly you’ve got to do it yourself!”

All these problems are solved with a staff training program that provides a line-up of training on the right gradient that includes Executive and Management training as well.

Don’t get frustrated because you are unable to find the perfect “staff member” or “natural Executive”. They aren’t born that way, they are trained and apprenticed that way.

Training staff so that they have more certainty on their posts as well as more certainty in life in general, is of benefit to the expansion of the whole organization. Most business owners have the idea that taking staff away from production for an hour or two a week for staff training will negatively affect their income. Statistically this has been proven not to be the case.

Another reason business owners won’t implement a staff training program is because they will have to be the one delivering the training. The reason that they think this is because they were brought up through the educational system with the teacher in front of the classroom approach. There are other ways of providing beneficial staff training than having to train them yourself.


When a business is not expanding the business owners often think it is because of some outside reason and it never is. Any decline or non-expansion of a business is always created internally.

There are two areas of a business that have to be created to produce a self-perpetuating business and they are Human Resources (HR) and Staff Training departments. When a business is small or just getting going it is not always financially possible to have a fully functioning HR and Staff Training department, but without these functions being done, expansion is seriously curtailed.


Most of us want to expand and achieve goals and staff training provides opportunities for this to occur. I have seen people, that I definitely had my doubts about, when they first started with us, that they would ever be management material but became some of the best executives we ever had, after staff training.

I say that there are no bad employees and that is because there should always be a system for training and correcting staff, in place in the organization.


  • They are more certain about what they are doing
  • They know you want them to do better
  • They know they’re important to the
  • They can be utilized for more things
  • They can take more responsibility for the business
  • They can take more pride in their workmanship
  • They are capable of moving into management positions
  • and many more.


Before you fire someone, ask yourself these questions: “Is the person getting continuous training for what they do?” “Does the person have any hope of promotion in your business?” “Are you providing adequate future for this person.” “Is the business expansion enough to provide good future prospects for your staff in general?” All staff tend to get dissatisfied when they don’t feel like they are going anywhere just as you do. Only 20% of the population despise hard word. The other 80% only feel burnt out and tired of hard work when they feel they are not going anywhere.

Training staff to improve their abilities as well as doing better in life is such an unusual concept for a small business, however, it is a major contributor to a business remaining small, so don’t overlook this point.