To ensure the delivery of our services, programs and products are of high quality and have clients demanding further services and continuing to buy products.

We will guide you on how to set up your Quality Control Division.

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Viewpoint and Attitude of the post:

A Quality control person has to have a good understanding about how a business works and what difficulties executives run into trying to expand. The Quality control person must be able to project an air of understanding of what difficulty the client is in and give solutions with an air of confidence that the client feels he has been heard and understood while at the same time feel he is in good hands with the Quality control person. The ideal person for the Qual post is someone who has previously had great success in different aspects of the business. The Qual person also needs a good understanding of personality traits as not everyone can be handled the same way. This way he is less likely to take things personally and more importantly misunderstand the client.


Basic Duties:

  1. Ensure delivery of products and services are delivered fast.
  2. Ensures Clients are benefitting in their business as a result of the service or products  of the business.
  3. Ensures that the staff are delivering a high level of exchange to clients.
  4. Handle or get handled any upset client immediately upon hearing about it and ensure the policy on upset clients is followed by staff when one is discovered.
  5. Handling refund requests in a way that turns a refund request into a handled cycle and no refund or an exchanged product or service.


A staff member hears of a complaint from a client:

  1. Handle the upset right there and then or route to staff member who can handle the client right there and then.
  2. Staff member unable to handle clien and routes the client (if possible) to the senior of the area to handle. Or a report is written that the client is upset and routes to senior with a copy to Qual. Client is asked to write up also what the upset is and what occurred and send to the senior exec as this situation needs and will be handled immediately.
  3. Senior handles client and writes up what occurred and the handling and routes to Qual and copy to client’s folder. If client cannot be handled satisfactorily then a Bad Indicator (BI) routing form is started and write-up/s attached and logged on server under BI log and Routing form routed on to Qual for further handling.
  4. Qual     
  1. Logs in on BI log and notes actions taken by others and has Qual folder made up.
  2. Schedules consult with client.
  3. Qual Admin Assistant places folder in Qual filing cabinet after being Scheduled.
  4. Qual Person reads folder thoroughly before calling client so he has an understanding of what the situation is about and if he needs more data to clarify he gets it.
  5. Qual person calls client at scheduled time and goes over the situation and works out a solution that resolves the situation. If a solution is not worked out and Qual person needs more data or help then he schedules another time to get back with the client with something worked out. The Qual person does not make a decision such as giving a client another service to satisfy the client or offer a refund without a thorough investigation first.

The product qual is to handle people that need additional time spent with them and taking them off your high speed production lines so that production can continue delivering high quality products without distractions.

If we keep all our clients winning they will expand their businesses and refer us other business owners to help.

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Graham Payne