To implement the basic tools that a business owner or executive needs to build a profitable, self-perpetuating business.

For Business owners and Execs with up to 30 staff:

This monthly program includes 4 hours of consulting by Skype or phone with workshops from the list below, as we go. This is a 2 year program however, if it is not working out at any time, the program can be ended with a 30 day written notice. The fee for this program Is $2,500 to start and $1,000 per month after that.


  1. Organization Structure—You will learn what the component parts for a self perpetuating business are so that you don’t create a Hamster wheel type business that you can never leave. This workshop will change your life regarding business.
  2. Organizational Goals and Purposes—aligning them with your life is important. Here you will learn to plan and program out a business for success and longevity.
  3. Financial Revelation & Planning – How to get off the financial treadmill by creating organizational stability by sane financial planning. This is a priority as many businesses have the weakness of not understanding what the percentages are for reserves, payroll, expanses and marketing.
  4. Money Workshop—A lot of people have considerations on money and as a result struggle with financial planning in business as well as personally. Unless the individual is debugged on “money” it may be difficult to correctly budget for their business.
  5. Staff Hiring—Who, How & When to hire. After some bad experiences in hiring, business owners often keep the business small so that they don’t have to go through the hiring routine. This workshop changes that viewpoint and makes hiring easy.
  6. Emotions and Suppression in the Work Place—In this workshop you learn how to detect and determine who is slowing the team down and who is trying to kill it.
  7. Getting Staff to Manage the Business—Determining responsibilities for each staff member and showing why it is important for staff to help manage and not to give their problems to their boss.
  8. Changing Conditions—In this workshop you will learn how to apply specific formulas to different circumstances that occur in course of building any type of business. Everyone needs this data. This is a 2 part workshop
  9. Business Expansion—here, a business owner will learn how to build a business rapidly and take years out of expansion. There is a formula for business expansion that takes the mystery out of the game. Business is a numbers game and here we can show you how to create predictable expansion by scaling.
  1. Departmentalizing a Business and Why this is Important—When a single individual runs a business it will hit a plateau and not expand beyond—key data for any business owner.
  2. How to Raise the Morale in any Business—This is very important to any business and is often behind the decline of stats and the loss of good staff. How to give your staff and Executives a future.
  3. Marketing Laws—A word of mouth business generally stays small, marketing is the key to longevity and continued expansion. Learn the natural laws of marketing and never worry about outside influences again.
  4. Sales Know-How—Good marketing can be wasted without people trained in sales. Here you learn the simple basics of sales that you can easily pass onto any person you are training in sales. It is data that anyone in sales has to know. This takes the complexity out of sales.
  5. How and When to add new products and Services—If you are not getting the expansion out of your business that you feel you should, then this workshop maybe for you.
  6. Accounting & Financial Planning—Every area of a business contributes to the promotion of a business and this in no small way includes Treasury and financial planning. Included is a spreadsheet that makes it very easy to follow and implement.
  7. How to Maintain Good Staff—It is one thing to find good staff but quite another to keep the standard of production and delivery constantly improving here you will learn how to do this.
  8. Customer Service Workshop—Customer service is a bit more than just handling complaints. It’s what you have to do to prevent complaints. This is vital to customer loyalty. Included is a Customer Service Training Manual.
  9. Intro Products and Services Design Of—Here, we determine what are or what would be good entry level products or services and determine whether what is being sold is satisfactory or not and working out new ones if need be. It has been discovered that this data is not broadly known in business and can take expansion to a whole new level.
  10. Public Relations—learning the importance of public relations and how it differs from marketing. Public Relations correctly done can greatly contribute to expansion of a business.
  11. Expansion and Future Planning the Correct Way—There is a right and wrong way to expand a business. Here you will learn how companies that have been around for generations accomplished their longevity.
  12. The Executive Director (ED) Hat—This hat is often never worn in a business and even if somewhat worn, is not always fully codified resulting in a great difficulty filling the post when trying to delegate. In this workshop it is clearly defined. Complete with Weekly and Daily to-do lists.
  13. The Owners Hat –There is a clear distinction between the Chief Executive Officer and the Owner’s Hat and both have to know what each other’s hat is to operate effectively together. The lack of this knowledge has been the cause of many a business dispute when a business owner has tried to move out of the day-to-day operations of his business.
  14. Power Boost –In this workshop you learn how to let go and end the micro-managing routine and the first action to take before delegating. This was a major discovery that has been holding every competent individual back for a long time.



This includes staff interviews, inspection of premises and flow lines of the business and software program/s. These inspections are always done during the week when business or practice is in production. The fee for this service is $1,500.00 per day plus expenses.

We like to be considered the business partner you have without having a business partner. We want to help you solve the problems that you will run into keeping expansion going or building an empire. We are the people exterior to your business and as a result can often see things clearer as a result of not being in the day-to-day running of your business. We have also created a lot of materials over the years that we freely share with you to make your jobs easier as executives or business owners.

We exchange in abundance and never hold back on anything that would help you expand.


Summit Business Management offers the following advanced services:

  • Introductory Business Consulting
  • Keys to Management Success
  • Staff Efficiency Program
  • Power Boost Program
  • Leadership Program

All our services are performed by highly trained consultants with extensive experience in business management, training and administration.


The Summit Difference
Summit Business Management is unlike most business consulting companies in that our approach is individual; our interviews, training programs and debug programs are tailor made to your unique situation and your goals. We do not use a cookie-cutter approach, nor do we blindly assume that your situations call for canned, impersonal solutions. One thing that remains constant and unchanging, however, is our main goal – your success.



“We are now polar opposites after Graham’s program to where we were before.
We had: Low confidence, Staff working against me, No one wanting to create the future, Little to no staff training materials, Very few office policies in place, Unreal targets being set, Low office integrity,
No Policy for solving problems, Office Upsets, Little to no Communication from Office Manager regarding staff or other issues, Weak areas not being addressed and No Financial Planning in place.
Where we are now?
We have a great team, morale is high, stats are up and we are on a steady increase.
I feel we are 85% of where I would like the office to be but we are night and day from where we were before Graham’s program. What I like about working with Graham is the fact that he is always there for you. Whether it is just to bounce something off of him, advice, a policy or template, he is always willing to share and help. I would recommend Graham’s program to anyone who wants to Expand their business Rapidly. THANKS AGAIN!”—JS


"I was referred to Graham Payne a few months ago by a good friend of mine and signed up for his monthly management program. Last week I had the highest income I have had for years. This week we ended up with 13 new patients. This is also the highest I can remember for many years. More importantly I am sleeping better than I have for a long time. I'm not worried about my business as I used to be. Graham not only shows you how to increase you Total Collections and New Patients he gives you the basics of business so that you never forget them. I have been in practice for 30 years and have had various consultants but I never had this level of certainty about how simple business really is. Things are really shifting. Thanks again." D.S.