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People don’t always achieve their goals. Goals are what they want to achieve. 
The first thing to understand about life is that everyone, no matter who they are, what environment they grew up in, what government is running the country, what the media is telling the people, or the state of the economy, you, determine your own destiny. This is a fact. You, and nobody else, can determine how your future will end up. Your spiritual abilities are much more powerful than you ever realized.


When a person starts a business, the enthusiasm is normally very high. They usually have a very strong purpose of helping people with their product or service, and this by itself, will help a person

or group overcome many obstacles they may be confronted with when expanding a business. Many business owners often complain that the people they are hiring seem to lack the purpose that they (the owners) have. So, purpose is a vital ingredient in any activity.


When we talk about mindset, we mean the viewpoint a person is looking at life from. A person’s goals, decisions and plans are directed from the mindset they are looking at life from. The mindset of a person can easily be changed with more knowledge. Changing one’s situation or economic position will usually require a change of Mindset.


A goal is something you want to achieve. Purpose is the reason why you want to achieve that goal. Mindset is how you decide to make it happen. When starting a business, you have to remember that only you control your goals, purpose, and mindset. Know that the goals you want to achieve will become a reality when you have the correct purpose, and when you have the correct purpose, 

the how mindset, will fall right into your hand.

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