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I talk about Drivers, Team Players, and Passengers as a rough way of categorizing personnel. If you were to carefully isolate what Drivers have over other types of staff, you would discover that they could make things happen despite the odds and barriers. Passengers tend to wait to be told what to do and rarely take the initiative to go above and beyond doing what they have to, to collect a paycheck, but if they could get more money from unemployment benefits, they would prefer that. 

There are a few different levels of team players. There are those team players that are very willing but operate better under a good manager. There are other team players that cooperate well with the rest of the staff, get on with what they are supposed to be doing, and you can count on them to do a good job. There are also those stellar team players that have all these qualities but are also very creative in their area and can manage personnel very well. These stellar team players, with some coaching and experience, may become key Drivers in the company. 

Then we come to the drivers in a company. They do not need a title to elevate their status. They earn their status by their responsibility, competence, and taking ownership of the company. The title is just a formality because they are already wearing the hat. Drivers are those executives who can be counted on to run the company, whether the owners are there or not. They usually earn ownership in the company because the business would not do well without them. 

Drivers are the executives who have the ability to draw out the best in others, especially when delegating management and division head positions. They have the ability to give orders in such a way that their staff wants to carry out those orders because they don’t want to let their boss down.

When you are building a business, you need to keep your eye open for more drivers. It is virtually impossible to keep the expansion going without a few drivers at the helm. If you start a business with yourself as the only driver, the expansion will be much slower than if you had two drivers pushing the business along. I have built businesses by myself, as the only driver, and several businesses with drivers as partners. With the two of us as drivers, the expansion was not just double what I had done by myself; it was quadruple at least. Most importantly, it was a lot easier.

So what is the key ingredient that you would observe about a driver? It is their level of INTENTION. People with a high amount of intention:

  • Get things done

  • Don’t procrastinate

  • Are generally good communicators

  • Can rally the troops

  • Do what they say they are going to do

  • Have no problem managing people

  • They have no interest in petty things or gossiping etc.

Some people lose their level of intention over time due to situations that they have not resolved, incomplete cycles, upsets with people and family members, etc. All of these things have an effect on one's level of intention. If someone told you that they had lost the drive that they used to have, it would be for the same reasons.

Email or call me at +1 727-243-1336 for any advice on how to raise intention with people and increase their drive potential.

Graham Payne

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