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When I hear business owners constantly complaining that their staff is not taking any responsibility or they are no longer doing what they are supposed to be doing, I know what they don't have in place.  
They won't have:

  • Consistent, standardized weekly on-going staff training in place

  • A system of staff correction—they will be done off the cuff, on the fly, and usually verbally.

I've talked about how every business needs enough Drivers to keep the expansion going and enough Players that are behind the company vision, mission, and goals, but how could we turn the players into team players if there is no Playbook*? The training manuals, policies, procedures, and the staff trained on them are what turn players into crack team players. Expert team players can become drivers with experience in time.
*Playbook: a book containing a sports team's strategies and plays, especially in football.

Many millennials gravitate to the writing of hats, policies, and procedures, I think more so than earlier generations because of their introduction to technology at an early age. They don't seem to have any backoff on typing things up or making videos. I would suggest putting a smart 25-year-old on the project. 

Years ago, I did a project of putting all the training manuals and programs together for Chiropractors and Acupuncturists. I provided most of the content, and I had a very smart 19-year-old, format it all and write up all the training programs for each position. It was a three-month part-time project, and we got it all done. He was amazingly smart and very cooperative on the project.

It is a lot faster today to put training materials together due to videos and online platforms such as and The process is not complicated. The main thing is to recognize the importance of doing it and going ahead and tackling the project.

There is no way around the action of your creating your own in-house training materials for all positions if you want continuous growth. It took me ten years from 1982 to 1992 to figure out why I never had a worry about going to different places and starting businesses. Looking back over those ten years, I clearly saw that the businesses where I had done a thorough job on creating all the training materials I had no problem with expansion. Where I hadn't done such a good job, I had many personnel problems and slower expansion. It was a major epiphany for me at the time. To this day, staff training is still one of the best things that I have seen that makes the biggest difference in business expansion; hence I keep harping on it. 

It is only after you, or any business owner, or executive, have 100 percent grasped this concept of continuous staff training and implementing it that you will ever really see the full potential of your business.

We love to help with business expansion. Do not hesitate to call for advice in any area of business you need help with.

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Graham Payne

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