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The way we hire new people has drastically changed and how we retain personnel is a huge issue right now. Just like marketing we have to attract personnel and not chase them. We have to get their attention, express all the pain points, and then offer them solutions. When someone is looking for a company to join, we have to consider all the issues and considerations that they would be thinking about. People are looking for careers. They want something that is going to give them a bright future with opportunities for advancement. People are looking for stability and a great environment to spend half of their awake hours working in. Fewer and fewer people are looking for what was commonly called a “job.” A few years ago, people would take a job until something better came along, and sometimes they may have stayed for a couple of years. This is not that environment any longer. Today, business owners have to realize there are currently about two positions available to each person that is out there looking for work. This changes things greatly. 

There is one thing that has always been necessary for every business at any time and in any environment, but has not always been confronted by small business owners. This one thing cannot be neglected or avoided any longer. This one thing is called, "Staff training."

Staff training is the key to a howling success in any business. The investment into staff training is often thought to be too costly, but in reality, it is minor compared to its value in the long run. In recent surveys, people gravitate towards companies that provide a training program that not only trains them for their current postition, but also trains them for their future. 

Staff training often reduces the payroll percentage considerably. Highly trained personnel can be expensive in today's market. A couple of CEOs commented to me that their profits had gone up since they had implemented their own in-house staff training programs. They said they were producing more without some high-priced all-stars they had hired in the past. Don’t waste time and money trying to hire more people without a successful training system in place. 

My successful action in building businesses was hiring people who didn’t have previous experience in our industry but had quick thinking and active minds. We have personnel testing that gives us clues to people’s abilities to grasp different industries, systems, and procedures. This is good to know before you spend a lot of time in their training. How many experienced people have you considered would be perfect based on their interview, only to be disappointed later? 

How much are you losing by not getting some help in this area? If your growth is less than 25% per year, you are not expanding very much above inflation. Property values alone have gone up over 25% in a lot of cities. Gas prices have gone up nearly 100% here in Florida over the last two years.

Email me today or call me at 727-243-1336 for any advice you may need in implementing or expanding your existing personnel training system.

Graham Payne

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