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There is one common denominator that holds a person back from changing their game, incredible expansion, bright ideas being implemented, inability to change weekly routines, etc. I discovered this in 1991. This discovery blew my mind, you might say. In 1992 I confirmed that this discovery was the biggest barrier to anyone’s expansion. What did I discover? If a person is unable to learn a new way of doing something, no matter what efforts in trying to change they use, they keep doing the same thing, it is because of their own decisions they have made in the past. Those decisions they made are now played out in reality in their everyday life. I have proved this to be true so many times since 1992 that I know this is true within an inch of my life.
One of the first actions I try to get a business owner to do when I take them on is to write their story of what got them into the business they are in. I ask them to look for the decisions they made at the outset. Those decisions may have been winning decisions that helped them at the time but could absolutely be what is holding them back now in the present. 
This does not only relate to business; it relates to everything in life. What you have today is based completely on what you decided in the past.
If you are having difficulty doing or changing an existing routine, a pattern of behavior, or action, you will have to look for and spot those decisions you made in the past that will be related to this. There are two ways of spotting these past decisions. You could just ask yourself: “Have I made a past decision that is blocking my expansion now?” You can often spot it right away.
The other most successful action is to write your story. Many clients have found the decisions they made in the past by writing up their story of how and why they got into the game they are playing in the first place. While they were writing, they spotted decisions they made at the time that seemed to be positive decisions. They now realized those decisions were what was holding them back now. Decisions such as: “I’m going to work for myself.”  “I’m going to be a Chiropractor.” “I will always have a job as a cleaner.” Etc. These decisions were good at the time but later stopped them from expanding.
“I’m going to work for myself." Wow, This one really holds people back. They will have difficulty keeping staff, delegating to others, giving employees a future. They often don’t build large businesses. They just hire people to assist them in doing their own job better.
“I’m going to be a Chiropractor.” They tend to have a very hard time taking on an executive role in their practice. They have to be the Doctor because their past decision dictates it.
“I will always have a job as a cleaner.” The person could have opportunities to do anything. Still, no matter what they try to do, they often will end up back cleaning or as a receptionist, bookkeeper, mechanic, or whatever job they decided they would do.

It is totally within our grasp to change our minds about anything at any given time. The only thing that stops us from changing our minds is our past decisions. This is the Gem of all Gems.
When people take the time and write their stories, it is quite amazing what decisions they discover and how it changes their future in positive quantum leaps and bounds.
Let me know if this was helpful.
Graham Payne

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