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People often remark that they want to help others. This is always the right direction to go in life. Sometimes people say this as if sometime in the future, they would like to help others as if it's not something they can do right now. People don't realize that the more they help others as a day-to-day activity, the more successful in life they would become. The most successful businesses are those businesses that never lose sight of their role in helping people with their products and services.

In his book Building a Story Brand, Donald Miller refers to the Hero's Journey as an ideal framework for marketing to customers. The Heroes Journey is the framework upon which successful authors write their books. Almost all successful movies have used this framework, and when they deviate from it, they lose at the box office. We may all be on a hero's journey, but when it comes to being successful in life and in business, the ideal role is not the hero, but the mentor or the guide, as Donald Miller refers to in the book. 

If we always take the role of the guide and work hard to make our clients and customers the heroes, we will always do well in life. All too often, after a person gets a lot of accolades, they may begin to see themselves as a hero and cease their role as a successful guide or mentor and start downhill after that.

I have also seen a person join a successful company, and instead of backing the CEO and putting all their efforts behind making the company successful, they work hard at getting their name up in lights, trying to be the hero instead of making the CEO the hero. There is rarely room for two heroes in any company. Most heroes never had any intention of becoming heroes. If you told a hero he was a hero, he’d probably sneer or smirk at you and move on—no interest because they weren’t trying to be a hero.

This is a very interesting concept to understand. Have you had people tell you that they wanted to be famous like someone else that they saw had become famous? Try as they may, they most often don’t become famous. This is much the same as saying you want to be a millionaire. Statistics gathered on this subject prove that the likelihood of becoming a millionaire is very low. The people that become millionaires and even billionaires are those that create great products and services that help a lot of people. 

When your intention in life is to help a lot of people become successful, you always win. When you become the guide to making others the heroes, you will generally end up being very successful and have a very happy life. 

Those people who have the intention to be the hero often end up with a selfish type of life and wonder why they feel alone in their quest. On the other hand, those who help a lot of other people achieve their goals end up with many friends and are successful in life. 

You will generally become increasingly successful proportionately to the number of people and organizations you have helped.

My intention has always been to make our clients very successful and do so by having them achieve growth percentages that they did not think were possible.

Email or call me today at 727-243-1336. No matter where you are in the country or what size your business is, we can help.

Graham Payne

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