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Many people come to me desiring to achieve more than what they are achieving. The main reason people don’t achieve what they want is because of their own internal self-doubts. Examples:

  • What if I lose my money doing that?

  • If I hire more people, it will increase our payroll.

  • What if the economy gets worse?

  • What if I don’t like it?

  • What will my colleagues think?

  • Etc.

People often wonder to themselves why they can’t just take a calculated risk. Why can they get motivated one minute and then totally procrastinate and go back to doing what they were doing before? The reason people don’t overcome their self-doubt is that they often never isolate what is behind it. Where did this begin?

When you look around and ask yourself, “Who are the most positive people I know?” They are most likely those people who have a direction and a goal much greater than themselves. There will not be too many. And why is this? The majority of people are only seeking the goals of a Middle-Class society. (52% of the US population, per statistics, live a Middle-Class lifestyle.)

Middle-Class Goals: The key ingredients of a middle-class lifestyle are to: own a home, be able to save for retirement, provide a college education for their children, have health security (insurance), a car for each adult, and a family vacation at least once a year. (

Even when people do not consider themselves Middle-Class, they are highly likely to be surrounded by friends and family who have subscribed to the Middle-Class. You just have to start a conversation about building an empire that will survive the generations with your three closest friends and see who gets excited about the idea and want to contribute to it. Responses are likely to go something like: “Well, that’s a good dream... Hey, I was thinking about changing the tiles in the bathroom.” Or “You’ll have to be careful of………..” or “You’re always coming up with some harebrained idea.”

Some people hate to be considered part of the Middle-Class and refute the idea entirely of any such insinuation. You will notice that even so, they are maintaining the above goals of the Middle-Class.

I’m just pointing out that it may be what is holding some of us back from greatness and moving our games up to helping a lot more people outside the bounds of our current sphere of influence.

The Middle-Class goals are not the only things that hold a person back from achieving bigger goals, but it is a major part of finding what is at the bottom of a lot of people’s issues in life. People who have thoroughly subscribed to the Middle-Class often have a huge worry about mortality. They watch a lot of TV and worry about too many things. Their worries would subside if they took on and totally engaged in a new challenge.

The truth is every successful entrepreneur goes through a stage of self-doubt. No matter when or how the seeds of self-doubt were planted, we can still forge ahead. It’s the inner driving force that keeps us moving forward and setting attainable goals that we believe we can accomplish. Once you begin to see you can accomplish anything if you want to, you blow the self-doubt. 

We are all playing a game of some kind or another. Games can become a trap when we forget it is just a game. I mentioned above about the Middle-Class game because it is a game, and there are rules to that game just like any other game. But once the game is won, you have to move on to a new game, or you will just be on the sidelines watching others. You may lose badly to such a point where you have to start over again; this can be very painful. A better idea is to gain the knowledge in order to play a new and better game where you can help a lot of people as well as yourself. If you find yourself getting a little apathetic about the current game you are playing, you should sit down and write up your story, starting with how you got yourself into the game and your evolution through to where you are today. It's not only therapeutic, but it is also a huge game-changer. It is a tip worth a trillion dollars with our current inflation rate...

The programs we have created do raise people's abilities to play bigger and more rewarding games. Email or call me at +1 727 243-1336 to see if I can help you take your current game to a whole new level or change the game if you have won at the game you have been playing.

Graham Payne

Self-doubt and what is behind it: Projects
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