Graham Payne 
Professional Business Consultant

After growing 7 of my own businesses. People began to come to me for business advice. In 1999, I piloted a few consulting programs which were very successful. Soon people would refer others to those programs. After I saw people's interest in my training materials, I knew that the way I was going to grow this business was by writing up everything I had learned. The way to be a good business owner is by never thinking only you can do the job. Look at it as if, anyone can do anything if they educate themselves fully.




The professionals at Summit business management have been outstanding. They provide the tools necessary for a small business to scale in a systematic way. They not only care about your business growth but also the growth of you as a person and business owner. Thank you Graham Payne for all you do for us!

 Dr. Robert Olivieri


600 Cleveland St, Ste. 305 
Clearwater, FL 33755, USA

(727) 243-1336

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